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I'll Make Your Website Capture
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The Secret Weapon of Search Engine Optimization … Finally Unleashed!

Finally… Average On-line Entrepreneurs Can Have the Same Amount of Free Traffic Previously Available Only to Elite (rich) Marketers.

Dear Business or Website Owner,

Huge checks and massive online profits come from one simple source – more traffic. Sure, you can pay for traffic using Adwords, etc. but how much better off would you be if you never had to pay a dime for traffic again and still had hordes of people knocking down your door to buy?

Think about it …

Either you earn your traffic or you buy it...

You can earn your traffic by writing, publishing and distributing articles, newsletters, special reports, white papers (work) or you can buy your traffic with advertising, including Google ads.

Because the average site owner doesn't know there's a better way to get the kind of rankings that deliver traffic, the average site I see is like a leaking bucket—if that's yours, getting traffic may be siphoning your time and money down a bottomless plug-hole?

But Internet marketing doesn't have to be like that...if your site ranks high in the search engines.

Enough free, already interested traffic from search engines, means you don't have to trade your time and money for it, because they can easily deliver enough traffic to make your site profitable.

Finally, the Internet lifestyle everybody talks about.

Let me show you 7 ways to short-circuit the problems blocking your search engine rankings in the video below...

Please Click Play to Start The Video …

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What if this was your site and you could see and hear this insider’s information and could immediately apply it to your site?

"This Guy Knows His Stuff!"

"John is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable SEO's in the industry. His experience and cutting edge knowledge have helped us get our websites to the top of all the major search engines...for virtually every phrase we wanted!


If you want to see your site make it to the top of the engines, John is the only man to talk to. This guy knows his stuff!"

 — Mark Luzaich,

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most misunderstood and potentially confusing parts of Internet Marketing. Most people think it is only for geeks, but a properly optimized site is like a 10,000 Watt flood lamp at night  … visitors flock to it like moths to the globe.

My name is John Buchanan and I’m the guy the other SEO experts call when they have a problem. I've earned the reputation as one of the top search engine optimization experts thanks to my success in the real-life "trenches" of online marketing where I've started, built and ran several highly successful online businesses over the past 9 years. (I first began marketing online in 1998...) I know what works, what doesn't, and what is complete BS.

Many people I work with have their own SEO services and charge customers like you an arm and a leg for giving you advice. Sometimes, their advice is  OK,  but  sometimes …

A while back I got a call from an insurance agent. He had sunk $30,000 into his website designed by a top expert. It was very pretty but had one BIG problem. It only made him a measly $200 bucks in 9 months.

“John” he said “unless I can fix this fast I will lose my business, my house and my car”

I spent some time checking out his site and showing him a full analysis of the problems the top designer missed that were making the site hemorrhage traffic. 

I gave him a list of practical and easy solutions that his IT person put in place and in a few short months he was number 1 ranking for his terms, raking  in tens of thousands of dollars per week and he went on to sell the site for a cool $1.2million.

"Fantastic, extremely helpful, thank you very much, money extremely well spent."


Received the CD yesterday and just finished going through the information.

Fantastic, extremely helpful, thank you very much, money extremely well spent.

I will gradually starting fixing up the site with your recommendations and will probably have a few follow up questions."

 — Barry Taylor,

…So, is your site a Search Engine Juggernaut?

Top marketers and savvy business owners know how important analyzing, tweaking, and optimizing every aspect of their sites are for the best possible rankings. But many simply do NOT have the time to go through the steep learning curve of SEO.

They know that the fastest way to turn a poorly performing website into a search engine juggernaut without the long learning curve is through an expert, outside analysis of website design, copy, usability and spiderability.

All they have to do is to follow the easy instructions “do this, then do that” and their site transforms from a financial lump of lead into gold.

They know that written reports can only get them so far, that the best and fastest way to fix the problems and learn for the future is to see and hear the facts using information they know best – their own sites.

They also know …


Unless An Expert Analyzes Your Site You’re Leaving Thousands of Dollars on The Table Every Month!

I know how just a few small details or errors costs you thousands of dollars each month in poor rankings and traffic. I know exactly what the problems are, I can show you them in real time and more importantly I know how to help you fix them. Quickly and simply.

Face it...

Every day that passes without fixing these rankings killers is costing you money. Some sites are losing hundreds of dollars, some are losing thousands and many are even losing MILLIONS of dollars each day.


Do You Want To Double, Triple,
Or More, Your Search Engine Traffic?

If your website is currently getting even only 200  visitors a day, a single improvement or refinement that boosted your rankings to achieve 400 visitors a day, would double your profits. And the best part is you wouldn't have to spend a single dime driving additional traffic!

Even if your website only makes $1,000 per month, you would pocket an extra $12,000 a year with no additional traffic costs.

Just imagine... how much more money you'll make if your site currently earns more than just $1,000 per month (or better yet if your traffic tripled or MORE?)

What would happen to your business if your website's search engine traffic doubled or tripled? How would your life be different?


"You Are the Real Deal John."

"You are the real deal John. In an area that seems to have a lot of self-proclaimed "guru's", it's nice to find someone who actually knows their stuff and is willing to share that knowledge with others.


Anyone who has a chance to work with you should jump at the chance!"

 — Ryan Orrell,
Internet Millions


At Last! See, Hear & Learn an Insiders Secrets to Fix Your Website & Skyrocket your Rankings.

My major clients all know the benefits of looking over my shoulder as I go through their websites. Now you can get the same results with my SEO Video Website Analysis™. This used to only be available to my highest paying clients, the one most serious about making internet fortunes. But .. I have now been persuaded to make this secret weapon available to all Internet Entrepreneurs.

What makes these videos so valuable is...

You see and hear me as I inspect every square inch of YOUR OWN website, line by line, page by page, link by link. Using the SEO Video Website Analysis I take you step by step through each page showing you precisely what your website is doing right, what can be done better, what’s missing, and what things are killing your rankings, and precisely what you can do to fix it.

It’s like having you right there with me in person, looking over my shoulder as I explain in detail how to explode your website's rankings. Except you don't have to pay me my full day on-site consulting rate of $7,997 plus travel and expenses. You get to sit back, watch the Camtasia Video analysis of your site and simply follow the instructions.

It really shouldn’t be this easy, but it is!

And.. you’ll be able to watch the videos, over and over as often as you want.

Your SEO Video Website Analysis™ addresses every on-page factor impacting your site’s search engine traffic, revealing each and every ranking killing mistake and flaw.

… AND because off-page factors also affect your rankings, I'll analyze those as well so you can get the full picture of exactly what needs to happen for you to begin to dominate your niche.

I share insider search engine optimization secrets, promotion shortcuts and my most closely guarded tricks of the trade...

... Secrets, shortcuts and techniques I use each and every day to turn wimpy, mediocre, poorly websites into ferociously powerful search engine dominators, and skyrocket traffic, sales, and profits to astronomical heights.

Your SEO Video Website Analysis™, gives you proven guerrilla tactics less than 1 in 1,000 other so called “SEO Experts” even know exist.

Knowing this information arms you with a blueprint for improving your website rankings and creating a flood of free targeted traffic from the search engines.

"Wow! What a tremendous resource..."

"Wow! What a tremendous resource John Buchanan’s SEO Video Website Analysis is! The changes he suggested are simple yet powerful and will definitely skyrocket my search engine rankings! I learned so much from this CD and am looking forward to implementing his suggestions. I’m really thrilled with this product!!"

 — Susie Minshew,

Let Me Put YOUR Site
Under My Magnifying Glass...

Every tip, every recommendation is based on my years of experience and results conducting thousands of analysis on various websites and web pages.

While I look at stacks of technical stuff, I show and explain each piece to you in detail on what I am looking at, why it is important and what you can do to fix it.

Just a handful of the points of evaluation I put under my magnifying glass when I analyze your site are:

Internal Navigation
Internal Anchor Text
Download Times
Page Structure
Text to Code Ratio
Keyword Focus
Keyword Density
Copywriting Evaluation
HTML Code Validation
Latent Semantic Indexing
Proper Meta Tags
Heading Tags
Server Headers
Outbound Links
Correct/Incorrect Use of Javascript
Site Maps
Page Titles
URL Structure
Proper Server Setup to Avoid Duplicate Content Issues
Use of Supporting Phrases

...and many...MANY more on site factors

Some Off site factors I look at:

Number of Inbound Links
Inbound Link Anchortext
Quality of Inbound Links
Adequate use of semantically relevant and supporting keywords in inbound link anchortext!

And many more!

In ADDITION to the items mentioned above, just a few site specific areas I'll look at are...


If you have a larger catalog (database) driven store, you will get checked out for:

Improper use of Query Strings
Proper use of theming in various categories of site
Best use of internal navigation to insure maximum indexing of all pages
Consistent URL structure throughout site to avoid duplicate content penalties often associated with dynamic sites
Review of Product Page Structure to insure top rankings for long-tail "money" phrases

...and 100+ more!


If you are a smaller "niche" site you will be looked over for:

Keyword Analysis to insure targeting of all relevant search terms
Supporting LSI terms
Best use of each page of the site to capture top rankings for maximum number of keywords
Suggestions for other avenues to enhance breadth and depth of keyword coverage

...and dozens more!

These are not one size fits all, cookie cutter evaluations. Each video is laser focused on YOUR particular situation.

It doesn’t matter if your site is a multi-channel, 100,000 product ecommerce mega-store or a five page site selling one specific product – you get specific, real and targeted answers!

The vast majority of my clear, simple to understand recommendations and examples are quick and easy to implement and test. You can get your IT team to put them in place if you like – but most are so simple that you can do them yourself in next to no time.

So user friendly even techno-phobes enjoy it!

And the best part … I'm not going to try and "snowball" you with a bunch of "geek-speak" or try and sell you additional SEO services.

But let me warn you...

... If you're looking for a sugar coated, feel good pat on the back, you might as well leave right now... My recommendations are totally honest and I don't pull any punches!

I'm not here to give you an ego boost, I'm here to make you money!

If your link structure, keyword research or page structure sucks... I'm going to tell you they suck... (But, I'm also going to show you step by step how to fix them!)

"I Learned a Great Deal About SEO"

"In a past project, I was responsible for instituting the changes suggested by John on multiple sites.


As a result, I got to see, first hand, the kind of impact his changes can have on the rankings of not just a site but multiple sites.


Not only did the rankings of every site he worked on skyrocket, but I learned a great deal about SEO and have been able to apply that knowledge to future projects. "

 — Todd Binder,
Web Based Contact Manager


Here's The Deal...

If I prepared an old fashioned website analysis for you with a lengthy, 50 to 100 page written report it would cost you up to $5,000 plus an additional $2000-4000 per day plus travel to present my findings in person.

If you wanted me to come to your location and look over my shoulder as I analyze your website in person you would have to pay my full day consulting rate of $7,997 plus expenses and air fare.

If you were to attend one of my seminars or workshops on rankings improvements it would cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for two or three days. Not to mention the airline and hotel costs. You would probably spend another $700-$800 for travel, food and lodging.

But your evaluation is nowhere near the $5,000+ investments I just mentioned. It doesn't cost $2,000, it doesn't even cost $1,000… In fact, to get your own SEO Video Website Analysis™ there is just a onetime investment of only $497 which is backed by my 100% success + $100 guarantee.

What would it be worth to you to double or even triple your traffic (or MORE)? What would it be worth to learn optimization techniques you can apply to every website you own or create?

And if you think about it, $497 is peanuts when you consider my analyses have earned my clients literally millions of dollars in additional sales. All it takes is a small improvement in your search engine traffic, and your analysis pays for itself.

(Because you're already leaving so much money on the table every month due to poor rankings, it actually costs you more money NOT to get an analysis...)

"John Buchanan's Info is a Absolute MUST!"

"If you are looking to get ranked high up inside the search engines and get the inside secrets to make that happen then John Buchanan's info is a absolute MUST!"

 — Matt Bacak - Internet Multi-Millionaire,

Over $1490 of Amazing Bonuses Yours Absolutely Free!

When you sign-up for your SEO Video Website Analysis™ today and you’ll receive:

Bonus #1:

Free Copy of My Ebook
"The Insider's Guide to
Dominating the Search Engines"

Free EbookI personally wrote this ebook and used to sell it online for $97. This is NOT some cheesy 5 page report written by some ghostwriter from India. It is 74 pages of almost 100% text. Full of a MASSIVE amount of information. I went through and updated this book so that all the information in it is timely for today's search engine environment.

It is yours free with your SEO Video Analysis.

You'll be provided a download link as soon as your purchase is complete so that you can begin going through it and familiarizing yourself with the information in it so that when you recieve your Analysis, you will understand everything in crystal clear detail.

So... Click here to request your analysis right now...

Bonus #2:

30 Minute FREE Post Analysis
Phone Consultation

Free Phone ConsultationUnfortunately most online consultants and self-proclaimed "gurus" hide behind their websites trying to make it difficult, if not impossible to ever speak to them in person or on the phone.

I operate my business different.

Much different... My phone number (817) 473-9313, is posted on every page of my site. And I spend a sizeable chunk of my day on the phone with my consulting and coaching clients.

My rate for phone consultation is $300 per hour. But to make sure all of your questions are answered I am throwing in this $150.00 value free.

(*Due to the huge demand for this service and because I have only a handful of slots per week for phone consultation I'm not sure how much longer I am going to be able to offer this incredibly valuable bonus.)

So... Click here to request your analysis right now...

Bonus #3:

Unlimited Email Consultation and Coaching For 1 Full Month.

Pick My Brain
Pick My Brain (by email) For FREE!Unlimited Email Consultation

After you receive your evaluation videos, and in addition to your free 30 minute phone consultation, you get 1 full month of unlimited consulting with me personally via email.

My SEO Insiders Club™ allows members to submit their questions directly to me via email.

I'll answer all your SEO questions, marketing, or virtually any question you have. Just shoot me an email with your question, and I'll get back to you within 1 business day (often just a few hours) with my best advice).

Think of the trickiest questions you want to ask about your website or business and ask them. I'll send you a detailed, expert answer. And, these are not just short one or two sentence answers... I go into the kind of detail I'm known for.

Alone, your 1 month unlimited email Q & A is easily worth $1000-$1500 (I currently have clients paying this much and more for unlimited Q & A access to me), but it's free with your SEO Video Website Analysis™ today.

(*Just like the phone consultation, due to my limited availability and the time I spend answer each and every question, I may be forced to remove this bonus at any time. So lock in your spot before I come to my senses!)

Bonus #4:

Exclusive! Special "Members Only" Rate on Future Consultation!

Special Offer

I believe your Website Analysis Video arms you with all of the information and tools you need to take your website to the next level. However, sometimes when my clients reach the next level or see for themselves the massive improvement my suggestions and recommendation make in their business they want to hire me for additional consultation services.

My normal consulting rate is $300 per hour. However, when you invest in a SEO Video Website Analysis™ you get access to my "Members Only" special rate of only $200 per hour for all phone and written consultation. You save $100 per hour!

So if your even thinking about hiring me for future consulting projects or even just a few hours of phone consultation, you should jump on this offer right now, while it still lasts.

Click here to request your analysis right now...

Bonus #4:

Ability to Convert my SEO Video Analysis to a Full Service Optimization Campaign

Special Offer

My SEO Video Analysis is designed from the ground up to give you all the information you need to properly optimize your site. If put into practice, the information you get should be more than enough to vastly improve your rankings and skyrocket your site to the top of the results.

However, from time to time I do have clients contact me after going through their Analysis and ask if I could handle the optimization for them. For one reason or another, they don't feel comfortable doing it themselves. Either their schedule doesn't allow it, or their level of proficiency with HTML is below what they feel is necessary. Regardless why, they would prefer a professional to handle the details.

Now, if for any reason, you decide that you would rather have me handle the project, you can have the entire cost of your analysis applied to your campaign!

So now, you get to have the entire analysis done and then decide whether it is something you want to do or have a season pro handle

It's important for you to understand however, that this is truly extremely limited. There are only so many hours in the day and I enjoy spending time with my daughter so once my time is booked, that's it. In fact, even if you're reading this, I can't guarantee I have any open slots available.

So now is the time, if you can't decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a pro, this is your shot to test the waters and decide for yourself which way you want to go.

Click here to request your analysis right now...

This Offer Is NOT For Everybody!

I choose my clients carefully...

Because of my strong commitment to honest and ethical business practices, I do not accept projects from companies or individuals who sell porn, work-at-home scams, or other services that I find distasteful, unethical, or simply don't provide value to customers.

You'd have a better chance of being hit by lightning while sitting in your car, inside your garage, and wearing an all rubber outfit, than me divulging my highly guarded secrets to someone who only wants to use them to scam people out of their hard earned money. Don't even ask...

Also, please read this important note...

NOTE: To protect my clients and prevent conflicts of interest I DO NOT ACCEPT any new clients who are in direct competition to one of my existing clients.

Just suppose what will happen if your competition takes advantage of this powerful offer before you do…

How Soon Do I Get My Analysis Videos?

Rights now you’re just a few clicks away from learning specifically how you can improve the rankings on your website. You are going to discover how to get and keep high search engine rankings.

After you place your order, you'll receive an email (usually within only a few minutes) with a brief questionnaire about your website, products/services and business. Your answers help me better understand where you’re at, what you've done thus far, your market and business so I can be of the best possible service to you.

Once you email me back the filled out questionnaire and I verify that your product or service is one that I am comfortable helping you promote and that you are not in direct competition with a current client...I'll give you a call and schedule you in my next open time-slot. At the moment the time from making a booking to receiving your video analysis is less than 2 weeks – but as I have been contacted with by a couple of the SEO gurus I work with who will be sending this offer around to their list, this time may change. So grab your timeslot quick!

Get More Traffic or Get $100 in Your Pocket Guarantee!

I know you will see measurable results. And to prove it, I’m going to put MY MONEY where my mouth is, and completely guarantee your satisfaction and results (or I’ll pay you!)

"100% Success or
$100 in Your Pocket Guarantee."

Satisfaction GuaranteedIf you implement and test the changes I’m going to recommend, and you don’t see a measurable improvement in your sites ranking and traffic, I’ll refund every dime AND I'LL GIVE YOU $100 out of my own pocket, just for testing my suggestions.

Either way you make money!

But, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

The truth is, you’ll NEVER have to worry about a refund.

Why? Because once you actually put my recommendations to the test, I have absolutely no doubt you will absolutely, positively and dramatically increase your rankings and your traffic.

Take Your Website's Rankings To The Next Level— Starting Right Now!

Just Click The Red Button Below And Request Your SEO Video Website Analysis™ Right Now and you get over $2325 value for just $497.  You get …

  1. A detailed one to two hours SEO Video Website Analysis™ screen capture video and expert commentary covering everything you need to fix each rankings killing sink-hole and skyrocket your websites search engine rankings and traffic.

  2. Your entire website analysis video on CD-ROM rushed to you Free via FedEx!

  3. Bonus Free 30 minute post analysis phone consultation, to answer any questions you may have.

  4. My 74 page information packed "Insider's Guide to Dominating the Search Engines" Ebook to jumpstart your SEO education.

  5. Bonus A full 30 days of unlimited Q & A via email to make sure all your questions are answered.

  6. Bonus exclusive "preferred client" rate for all additional phone and written consultations within 12 months of the analysis.

  7. Ability to convert your Analysis into a full-service SEO campaign! After much demand, I now give you the ability to have your investment in my SEO Video Analysis applied to the cost of a full-service optimization campaign should you decide after viewing the analysis that you would rather a professional handle the optimization (please note that this is NOT the goal of my SEO Video Analysis. My goal is to give you all the information you need to properly optimize your site on your own. However many clients, after viewing the video have decided that, for one reason or another, they would rather have me or another professional handle the campaign.)

Click here to request your analysis right now...

Remember, your SEO Video Website Analysis™ is backed by my $100 in your pocket performance guarantee. All of the risk is on me.

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Take control of your website’s traffic potential today.  And remember, with my 100% success or $100 in Your Pocket Performance Guarantee, you've got absolutely nothing to lose (except poor search engine rankings!)

To Higher Rankings,
John Buchanan
John Buchanan,
SEO Specialist



I only accept 15 analyses per month due to my other clients, speaking engagements and businesses. Each analysis is scheduled on a first come first serve basis, so unless you act fast you may find yourself on a waiting list.

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Once I have a client in a particular area, I don't take any additional clients that are in direct competition. Get in now before your market niche is taken by somebody else.

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